cpa, ca, real estate broker

Enza has a BAA in business administration and the title of chartered accountant since 1996. She practices for over 10 years under a renowned accounting firm. During those years, she worked for clients of different ranges from public corporations to self-employed professionals. She has learned how to provide customized service which is practical and result-oriented.

She became a real estate broker in 2007. Her new career allows her to have more flexible hours and spend more time with the family. She was born in Montreal but lived and studied in Italy for over 8 years. An experience she will cherished forever.

She constantly researches the market and property values to effectively price your home from day one, then uses top innovative advertising and marketing techniques to attract potential buyers.

Combining experience and dedication on ongoing education in her field, Enza provides an unsurpassed choice for anyone ready to purchase or sell a home.

Enza has a reputation for quick, timely response to each client’s needs and concerns. Her phone and email are always at hand.