accredited real estate broker

Sergio received his real estate license in 1987 at the young age of 17. Since the beginning Sergio worked in few real estate companies. In 2004, Sergio became a broker and opened his own real estate office. Owning an office has given him much more experience and knowledge. In 2016 in an effort to provide continuing quality service to his clients he decide to joint KW Dynamic.

Before working full time in real estate, Sergio’s background included construction and renovations. Construction and real estate are easily interchangeable, and this career permits Sergio to use the depth of his knowledge to help his clients in any decision.

Through his work experience and personal skills, Sergio has made many contacts, both professional and personal which enable his real estate career to have remarkable growth and success.

Sergio success over the years demonstrate he is goal oriented, energetic and his outlook on life is positive in every way. He is an expert in the home selling process and as such will establish a marketing strategy for your house ensuring that will be exposed to scores of potential buyers.

Finally, dedication, loyalty, dependability and honesty are just a few words to describe what you will experience by choosing Sergio Greco.